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Performance: Live/DJ set

Travel: Two from Berlin

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Booking agent:  Rachael

Dadub is a project which features Daniele Antezza and Marco Donnarumma, who are dedicated to combining Sound Design and Audio Engineering Experimentation with the aesthetic and musical heritage of Bass Music, Voodoo, Ancient Alien Rituals, Chaos Magick.

After several years of collaboration with the groundbreaking label Stroboscopic Artefacts (whose aesthetics and musical output was profoundly infuenced by Dadub), the duo reached a peak in 2013 with the release of their debut album “You Are Eternity”, whose critical acclaim led to the duo performing in festivals and clubs worldwide. Following some years of silence and countless hours experimenting with new dub techniques inspired by obscure science fction material and the physical force of low frequencies, Daniele and Marco have been evolving the signature Dadub sound into a new auditive universe of “Post Apocalyptic Dub”.

After almost 2 years of intense studio operations, they have accumulated 3 yet to be released EPs and a brand new live show. (Interested promoters can email to request EP snippets). Their new music will appear soon this year, starting with an exciting AAVV project for In Silent Series (alongside with Sigha, Positive Centre and SNTS).