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Performance: Live PA

Travel: One from London

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Booking agent:  Rachael

Formed 1982 in Edinburgh from the remnants of Scottish post-punk band The Freeze, Cindytalk have released work with Midnight Music, World Serpent, Praxis Records (as Bambule), Handmade Birds, Lumberton Trading Co, Bluesanct and for the last 7 years have released through Editions Mego. Cindytalk have also worked in collaboration with such diverse people as This Mortal Coil, Kathy Acker, Alasdair Gray, Robert Hampson (Loop/Main), Chris Connelly (Revolting Cocks/Ministry), Somatic Responses, Toby Reynolds (Dj Scud/Wasteland) and more recently Massimo Pupillo (Zu) and with Ancient Methods in the collaborative techno project In The Mouth Of The Wolf (Diagonal Records). Hard to categorise, they work within a fluid experimental framework and have, since their beginnings, incorporated sampling, musique concrete and electronics as mainstays alongside their more orthodox disintegrating/improvised past-rock structures.Gordon Sharp is the only consistent member of an ever-changing line-up that shape-shifts into different units for live work ; full band (six piece) ; trio ; or Sharp, solo with voice and computer.