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Rodz-Konez: Makaton Live, Inigo Kennedy DJ, Mark Broom DJ,  Tomohiko Sagae DJ or Live set, Paul Damage (House of God) DJ set or Live set and Barks DJ set.

The Repitch label Night delivers a spacious experience of the most energetic and forward-thinking dance music, never losing the magic vibes of the classic era of techno and rave culture.

REPITCH Recordings is a Berlin-based techno label, that during the last 7 years It has managed to set up a solid platform for experimentations across the dancefloor canon. Curated by Ascion, D. Carbone, and Shapednoise, they are releasing music by the likes of D.A.S. D.A., Pinch, Regis, AnD, Gaja, Zenker Brothers, Sleeparchive, Mike Parker, Sote and many others in their vinyl series. The sister label Cosmo Rhythmatic represent the abstract, noisy and organic side of Repitch, releasing music by the likes of Black Rain, Mika Vainio, and Frank Vigroux, to name a few.

Repitch has done already many label showcases across Europe in clubs such as: Berghain (Berlin), Tresor (Berlin), Corsica Studios (London), Institut für Zukunft (Leipzig), Le Batofar (Paris), Double Mixte (Lyon), Ex Dogana (Rome), Macao (Milan) and more.

One of the founders (Ascion, D. Carbone or Shapednoise) or a combined act should be part of the party in order to represent REPITCH Recordings. A lineup proposal can be arranged for you, or you can be put you in touch with individual acts (or their agents).