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Rodz-Konez: Makaton Live, Corax DJ or Live set, Tomohiko Sagae DJ or Live set, Paul Damage (House of God) DJ set or Live set and Barks DJ set.

Leyla Records:
In Arabic and Hebrew Leyla means darkness, but it’s also the name of countless princesses. She practiced occult rituals, worshipped the Sun and Saturn and stood for the authenticity of pre-humanist populations. She is the dark ages but she is also enlightenment. The dual roots of the name are represented in the label’s music and in its visual design, which takes its cue from the occult. The desire is to recapture the authentic feeling of techno from a specific era while retaining a modern touch. The old and the new. Now and then.

Artists available on request: Chafik Chennouf, Codex Empire, Mondkopf, Manni Dee, Positive Centre, Witch, JoeFarr & Martyn Hare,Yuji Kondo, AnD