/ events

Upcoming gigs for Ascion:


Upcoming gigs for Asher Levitas:

03.11.16 Asher Levitas DJ set @ Waiting Rooms, Stoke Newington, London

25.02.17 Asher Levitas Live @ Sonic Acts, Muziekgebouw, Amsterdam.

13.07.17 Asher Levitas as special guest of Paper Dollhouse, Cafe Oto, London

05.08.17 Asher Levitas as special guest of Paper Dollhouse @ Braziers Park, Oxfordshire.

Upcoming gigs for Chafik Chennouf:

24.02.17 Chafik Chennouf @ Panic Room, De Helling, Utrecht

25.02.17 Chafik Chennouf @ Leyla, Shelter, Amsterdam

15.03.17 Chafik Chennouf @ New Faces, Tresor, Berlin

26.05.17 Chafik Chennouf @ TBA, Utrecht

27.05.17 Chafik Chennouf @ TBA, Amsterdam

Upcoming events for Cindytalk:

25-26.06.16  Cindytalk @ Nonobject(ive): Summer Happenings at The Broad, Los Angeles, California

09.07.16 Bambule @ 15 years Darkmatter Soundsystem,  Complex, Complex, Glendale, CA

25.09.16 Cindytalk @ Scrapyard Soliloquies,  Hekate Soundsytem, London

16-23.10.16 In the Mouth of The Wolf (Cindytalk & Ancient Methods) live premiere @ Dislocation, Unsound festival, Krakow, Poland

08.12.16 Cindytalk live @ DalVerme Circulo, Rome, Italy

Upcoming events for D. Carbone:

06.05.17 D. Carbone Live @ Rimbu, Kompass, Gent

13.05.17 D. Carbone Live @ Techno Culturae, Ultrabeat, Naples

20.05.17 D. Carbone DJ set @ Basis, Utrecht

03.06.17 D. Carbone Live @ Institut Fuer Zukunft, Liepzig

16.06.17 D. Carbone DJ set @ Massacre, PIP, The Hague

31.06.17 D. Carbone DJ set @ Le Batofar, Paris

01.07.17 Ascion & D. Carbone live @ Repitch showcase, Berghain, Berlin

09.12.17 D. Carbone DJ set @ Groovy Groovy, NYC

15.12.17 D. Carbone DJ set @ Techno & Cans, Dublin

Upcoming gigs for Honzo:

01.10.2016 -Honzo Live @ B75 Special Berlin : Unhuman / Adryiano / Honzo – live / Liss C. – Paris

15.06.17 Honzo Live (AV show) @ Klankvorm, Kino, Rotterdam

Upcoming gigs for Impulse Controls:

27.10.16 Impulse Controls live debut @ Rituals, Suicide Circus, Berlin

25.11.16 Impulse Controls live @ Transient festival Off, Batofar, Paris

Upcoming gigs events for Jake Conlon:

30.03.2016, Jake Conlon DJ set @ New faces at Tresor, Berlin

09.06.16 Jake Conlon @ Ritual’s presents Dissonant at Sucide Cirus, Berlin

08.07.16 Jake Conlon @ @1-Summer Party – Local Legends,  Suki10c, Birmingham

27.08.16 Jake Conlon @ Dubtek, Leeds, U.K.

18.11.16 Jake Conlon @ Compound Cardiff, Wales, U.K.

22.07.17 Jake Conlon @ Cabinet Of Secrets & KODEN Pres: K:it:sh, Centrala, Birmingham

06.10.17 Jake Conlon @ Tensile, Leeds, U.K.

Confirmed U.S. Dates for Israel Vines:

13.08.16  Israel Vines @ Technostate w/ Alex.Do and Kr!z, Los Angeles
10.09.16 – Israel Vines @ As You Like It, San Francisco
05.11.16 – Israel Vines @ Smart Bar w/ Ectomorph, Erika, Beau Wanzer, Chicago
11.11.16 – Israel Vines @ Seldom Music, Missoula
18.11.16 – Israel Vines @ Instinct w/ Erika and Rex Bravo, Detroit
19.11.16 – Israel Vines @ 52hz w/ Mike Brunner and JD Harrington, Philadelphia
07.01.17 – Israel Vines @ Redux and Sequencer present Israel Vines and Kamal Naeem, Buffalo NY
06.05.17  Israel Vines @ TBA, Los Angeles
26.05.17  Israel Vines @  Instinct, Grenadier Club, Detroit
29.05.17  Israel Vines @ TBA, Detroit
05.07.17 Israel Vines @ Moog, Barcelona
29.07.17  Israel Vines at Berghain, Berlin
Important: Israel will be E.U. based from the 7th – 30th of July. It is also possible that he can play June 1st or 2nd, 2017. Other than that he is available for International bookings: December 23rd- January 8th/ March 18-March 25 2017.

Upcoming gigs events for Makaton:

20.05.16 Makaton Live @ Adapt, Soup Kitchen, Manchester

27.05.16 Makaton Live @ Concrete invites Blueprint, 20 Years Anniversary, Paris

09.09.16 Makaton Live @ Voitax, Arena, Berlin

24.09.16 Makaton Live @  Dazed and Confuzed, Corsica Studios, London

15.10.16 Makaton Live @ Tapage Nocturne, Le Petit Salon, Lyon

25.11.16 Makaton Live @ Sub0, Paris

01.07.17 Makaton Live @ Brighton Modular Meet Weekend, Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts, Brighton

21.07.17 Makaton live @ Metamorphosis, Suicide Circus, Berlin

06.10.17 Makaton live @ Tensile, Leeds, U.K.

03.11.17 Makaton live @ Plex, Corsica Studios, London

Upcoming events for Minimum Syndicat:


11.06.16 Minimum Syndicat Live : La Plage de Glazart, Paris, France

13.07.16 Minimum Syndicat Live @ Destructuré Open Air, Ninkasi Kao / Lyon, France

05.08.16 Minimum Syndicat live @ Rave or Die,  Showcase / Paris, France

08.09.16 Minimum Syndicat live @ Destructuré Open Air present @ Ninkasi Kao / Lyon, France

10.09.16 Minimum Syndicat live @ Electro Alternativ – House & Techno, Le Phare / Bajo El Mar, South West, France

30.09.16 Minimum Syndicat live @ Dada Temple, La Machine Du Moulin Rouge, Paris, France

14.10.16 Minimum Syndicat live @ Polybius Trax Night #10:  Moog Club, Barcelona, Spain

04.11.16 Minimum Syndicat Live @Blocaus x Reaktor, Dock Eiffel, Paris, France

16.12.16 Minimum Syndicat Live @ Nuits Fauves, Paris

17.12.16 Minimum Syndicat Live @ Dantesk Komunion at Parc des Expos, Lyon

21.01.17 Minimum Syndicat Live @ Dazed & Confuzed, Corsica Studies, London

21.04.17 Minimum Syndicat Live @ Selected, Arena, Berlin

05.05.17 Minimum Syndicat @ Paradigm, Recylart Art Cente, Brussels

24.06.17 Minimum Syndicat Live @ Awakenings Festival, Amsterdam

Upcoming events for Ontal:

09.12.16 Ontal Dj set @ Lobotomija #03, Club Tunnel, Novi Sad, Serbia

13.01.17 Ontal DJ set @ Crude Wax X Lehult Labelnight, Griessmühle, Berlin

21.01.17 Ontal DJ set @ Noiztank X Potnia Theron, Berlin

28.01.17 Ontal DJ set @ Purge #1, Paris

04.02.17 Ontal DJ set @ Artefact, Utrecht

11.02.17 Ontal Dj set @ Kraak Events, Transport, Rotterdam

10.03.17 Ontal DJ set @ Micokosm, Bootleg Club, Bordeaux

24.03.17 Ontal DJ set @ Lateral, Pittsburgh, U.S.

21.04.17 Ontal DJ set @ Lobotomija, Novi Sad, Serbia

22.04.17 Ontal DJ set @ Le Zoo, Geneva

27.05.17 Ontal DJ set @ Tba, Basel, Switzerland

04.06.17 Ontal DJ set @ Mea Culpa, Grand Rivage, Paris

23.06.17 Ontal Dj seet @ Lobotomija, Bratislava, Slovakia

30.06.17 Ontal DJ set @ Carbøne 3, CO” Club Origin, Nantes

07.10.17 Ontal DJ set @ Szpitalna, Kraków, Poland


Important: Available for North American bookings DJ sets and European DJ sets also available in Europe during this time.
Live acts available in Europe etc Spring 2017. Ontal can play DJ sets separately and only play live sets as a duo.

Upcoming gigs for Paàl:

21.10.2016 Paàl Dj set @ Umwelt LP Release, Griesmuehle, Berlin

28.10.2016 Paàl DJ set @ Reiz, Urban Spree, Berlin

17.12.16  Paàl DJ set @ Champ Libre, Paris

22.12.16  Paàl DJ set @ Ritual’s hosted by Alhek, Suicide Circus Berlin

28.01.16 Paàl DJ set @ Tokyo Bar, Thessaloniki, Greece

27.05.17 Paàl DJ set @ About Blank, Berlin

23.06.17 Paàl DJ set @ FALL APART – Discordant’s photographic exhibition, Polyphony, Berlin

02.08.17 Paàl DJ set @  New Faces, Tresor, Berlin

Upcoming events for Pure:

14.11.2015 Pure live set, Occulto Festival at Westgermany, Berlin.

22.01.2016 Pure live set at Toni’s Night, Rye Wax, London. w/ Gaja

09.06.16 Pure @ Ritual’s presents Dissonant at Sucide Cirus, Berlin

17.06.2016 Pure DJ set @ Tba, Vienna

30.07.16 Pure DJ set @ Back to Basics 25 year Anniversary Celebration,  Burg Schnabel, Berlin

30.08.16 Pure DJ set @ Atonal closing,  Ohm, Berlin

24.06.17 Pure DJ set @ Oldschool Loop #2 2017, fluc + fluc wanne, Vienna 

Upcoming events for Swarm Intelligence:

27.05.17 Swarm Intelligence Live @ Tba, Berlin

03.09.17 Swarm Intelligence DJ set @ Distillery, Leipzig

Upcoming events for the mover:

20.07.16  the mover DJ set @ Krake Festival Pre Party, The Crematorium, Berlin

30.09.16 the mover DJ set @ Talking Machines X Cases of Madness, Suicide Circus, Berlin

11.11.16 the mover Dj set @ Home X Forbidden Planet Release Party feat. the mover, Longstreet Bar, Zurich

27.01.17 the mover aka Marc Acardipane (PCP) DJ set @ Rave or Die, Nuits Fauves , Paris

31.03.17 the mover DJ set @ Club Zodiak, Brussels

22.04.17 the mover live premiere @ Tresor Meets Arcing Seas, Tresor, Berlin

13.05.17 the mover DJ set @ Dance Affliction, Macao, Milan

20.05.17 the mover live @ Click Festival, Elsinore, Denmark

16.06.17 the mover live @ 9 Years of Killekill at Uebel & Gefährlich. Hamburg

24.06.17 the mover live @ Oldschool Loop #2 2017, fluc + fluc wanne, Vienna 

01.07.2017 the mover live @ Astropolis Festival, Brest, France

Upcoming events for Tomohiko Sagae:

09.12.16 Struggle for Something Underground Techno party, Sandinista, Yamagata, Japan

04.02.17 Tomohiko Sagae live @ Artefact, Utrecht

28.04.17 Tomohiko Sagae @ Form of Hands 17, Bönen, Germany

05.05.17 Tomohiko Sagae @ Tba, Berlin

Tomohiko has a short tour in Europe in April/May 2017, he is available to play April 29th to May 6th, excluding May 5th.

Upcoming gigs for Unhuman:


09.12.16 Unhuman DJ set @ Vampire Haus, Sao Paolo, Brazil

13.12.16  Unhuman Dj set @ Lobotomija, Club Tunnel, Novi Sad, Serbia

27/28.12.16 Unhuman @ Liber Null Showcase, Champ Libre, Paris

10.02.17 Unhuman DJ set @ Pi Electronics X Samsara Sessions, About Blank, Berlin

25.02.17 Unhuman DJ set @ MxLab, Milan, Italy

08.04.17 Unhuman DJ set @ Artefact, Poema Raw, Utrecht

22.04.17 Unhuman Dj set @ Sorted mystic Selection madness #5, Művelődési Szint (Müszi), Budapest

28.04.17 Unhuman DJ set @ Tba, Bratislava, Slovakia

06.05.17 Unhuman DJ set @ The SLAVE & Sounds From NoWhere present Monolith Records Showcase, Glauben Club, Venice, Italy

26.05.17 Unhuman DJ set @ Vortex, Copenhagen, Denmark

03.06.17 Unhuman DJ set @ Aelien series, Kranj, Slovenia

July Asian tour dates Tbc

25.08.17 Unhuman Dj set @ WHOLE – United Queer Festival, Berlin

07.10.17 Unhuman DJ set @ Instruments of Disciple Constant Value w/ Ancient methods and operant

Important: Unhuman is available to play in Asia until the 25th of October, promoters, get in touch.

28.10.17 Noiztank showcase Tbc @ Arena, Berlin