Upcoming events for Cindytalk:

Upcoming events for Coal:

16.03.19 Coal live @ PRTCL LXIX, Paris.

Upcoming gigs events for JK Flesh:

16.03.19 JK Flesh DJ Set @ Berghain / Panorama Bar, Berlin

29.03.19 JK Flesh extended live set @ Star & Shadow Cinema, Newcastle

26.05.18 JK Flesh live @ TBA, London

Important: So that you are aware, Justin Broadrick will strictly not be taking JK Flesh bookings from May 2018 until April 2019, should you want to book him from mid April 2019 onward, do get in touch.

Upcoming events for Lag:

22.03.19 Lag DJ set @ Tresor, Berlin

23.03.19 Lag DJ set @ TBA, Leipzig

Upcoming events for Overlook:

22.03.19 Overlook DJ set @ 999, Warsaw

19.04.19 Overlook DJ set @ TBA, San Francisco

Upcoming events for the mover:

27.03.19 The Mover live @ TBA, Paris

30.03.19 The Mover live @ Tresor, Berlin

19&20.04.19 The Mover live & Marc Acardipane DJ set @ TBA, Nantes

08.06.19 The Mover live @ TBA, Delft (NL)