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performance: DJ set / Live set

travel: One from Berlin

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Swarm Intelligence is quickly building up a name for habitually reducing darkened basements to ruins. Blending ambient, rhythmic noise and industrial sounds with broken rhythms, he has captured the attention of techno and noise fiends alike.

From droned-out ambience and densely layered field recordings, right through to distorted beats and industrial-edged basslines, Swarm Intelligence has honed his sound over releases on Invisible Agent, Stasis, Acroplane, Acre, Ad Noiseam, Voitax Records, where he released his latest 12″ called “The Lighthouse” and most recently on the renowned Berlin based label; Instuments of Discipline.

His live set is a fearsome mix of clattering drums, snarling, abrasive distortion and dissonant textures and has seen him perform at a wide variety of events – from the infamous Maschinenfest to Boiler Room.

Reviews:”There’s a rich earthliness to Rust. Tracks are built from field recordings of abandoned power stations and factories, corroded metal and found objects, which are overhauled into dense, booming techno (“Iridescent,” “Barricade”) or left in a bare state, free to roam in their captured sounds (“Demolition Ground,” “Chamber,” “Thierbach Demolish”). At times it can get eerily beautiful, like on the melancholic “Attic Spring.” – Resident Advisor