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performance: Live PA, DJ set

travel: One from Berlin

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Booking agent:  Jon

Pure has been producing and djing uncompromising electronic music since 1991. Playing vinyl-only Dj sets he draws on 20+ years of experience in merging industrial, acid, electro and broken techno in a relentless manner. Live on stage he sculpts abstract sonic stories from evolving textures, pulsating repetitions and dynamic breaks that equally affect the listener’s minds and bodies.

He has over 30 physical and digital releases on labels such as Editions Mego as PURE, BOLDER (with Martin Maischein), and ILSA GOLD, on Hinterzimmer with his electronic percussion duo PRSZR (with Rafal Iwanski), on Crónica, Praxis, Staalplaat, Drop Bass Network and many more. He developed the HEART CHAMBER ORCHESTRA together with Erich Berger; an award-winning audio-visual realtime composition for 12 musicians in which the heartbeats of the musicians create a score in realtime. The early-90ies Rave prank-duo ILSA GOLD (Pure together with Christopher Just) was the first internationally acknowledged Austrian techno act and is still occasionally active.

Pure’s current Berlin-related activities include “Slowlands” – a monthly whisky-only bar night – and the world’s first Whisky & Doom Metal tasting series “Taste The Doom” (with Lars Lundehave Hansen). He also graduated with a Masters degree in Computer Music from the University of Plymouth (UK).