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performance: DJ set

travel: One from Berlin

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Paàl, also known as one of the founders of the underground techno label Voitax, is an artist that devotes all of his passion to the sounds that he creates and the music that he supports.

The focus in his creations, such as in his very heavy and varied sets as well as on his label, is always on the sound, on the art piece itself and less on the artist behind it. So while he keeps it mystical around him he uses his interest in the diversity of electronic music for the tracks that he produces and the sets he puts together by mainly sticking to the good old vinyl.

Paàl stands for electronica in all its intensity and diversity, that he constantly tries to introduce to a crowd that appreciates his unique sounds. Through this he intends to connect a crowd of music lovers in which he shares his passion with us in various ways.

He is also involved in the Voitax Series that started as a release party for the latest artist that released on Voitax with a pretty impressive and rare selected line up at Arena Club.