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performance: Live PA

travel: Two from Paris

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Booking agent:  Rachael

Minimum Syndicat have been lurking in and around the Parisian warehouse scene for years, running the eponymous label through which they release their brain frying acid music alongside other like-minded producers, embodying the true spirit of underground raves. They have built a reputation across Europe with their ballistic, mind-bending live-sets whilst melting “fog & strobe” techno, vicious acid, old school rave vibes and a whole lot of unstable energy. To date, Minimum Syndicat have brought their chaotic rave shenanigans to renowned venues such as Astropolis Festival, Moog (Barcelona), Rex Club (Paris), La Machine du Moulin Rouge (Paris), Fondation Sonore (Brussels), Suicide Circus (Berlin), Unpolished 2016 (Amsterdam), Retro Acid (Ghent), Analogical Force (Madrid) amongst others.

Worldwide bookings apart from France.