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Katran is the main solo project of Darko Kolar, one half of the Ontal duo, alongside Boris Brenecki. He is also part of Impulse Controls (a project consisting of Ontal and Blush Response). More recently Darko founded his Jezgro label which has released music from highly regarded musicians.
Darko resides in the northern Serbian city of Subotica. His musical career started in 2005 under his Dekode moniker. He then passionately began to collect records and went on to produce music. Soon after, he released music on various labels alongside artists such as Si Begg, Radioactiveman, Silicon Scally, Scape One amongst others. His sets are still influenced by this time period and he continues to play older electro, breakbeat, IDM, classic music that sometimes may be neglected.
2011 was one of the most important years of Darko’s musical career. Ever since forming Ontal his musical career advanced steadily. Ontal were recognized as being key players in the Industrial and experimental techno scene. Darko has developed a new way of expressing himself through his Katran project and puts all of his creative force and energy into his music. The tracks that he creates as Katran are dark, rough and intense and constantly evolving.
In 2016 Darko launched his label; Jezgro. The first release was by MRTVI, one of Huren’s pseudonym’s with an accompanying remix from Violet Poison. The second release came out in 2017, created by the master of noise music – Merzbow. The main focus of the label is to represent more obscure, dark and unstructured parts of electronic music. The crucial aesthetic and core of the label are genres such as harsh noise, industrial techno, drone, offbeat techno, rhythmic noise, ambient and similar styles.