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Davide Carbone; music producer/DJ and label manager was born and raised in the Vesuvian area of Italy and is now based in Berlin. Always passionate about music, he started to develop several aliases and collaborate with a strong collective of musicians. He then began to develop a circle of labels, sharing REPITCH recordings and Cosmo Rhythmatic with Ascion and Shapednoise and 3TH Records with Ascion and Lucindo.

Carbone Records as its own Platform: D. Carbone’s sound can be described as Bold Industrial Techno, hard and fast mainly focused on Acid Sonorities with Deep and Dramatic Atmospheres.

His career is characterised by his close friendship with Ascion with whom he released various projects and aliases with, such as Repitch, 3TH and Ascion & D. Carbone. From 2013, he began to collaborate with the Mancunian duo AnD releasing under the name AD//DC on the English label Brothers. The new project D.A.S.D.A. was then born on REPITCH alongside Ascion & Shapednoise and AnD. D. Carbone’s live set is an excursion from left eld to broken beats and straight beat, with an increasing/decreasing speed to bring out the most sinister side of the artists involved.

Davide is not only active part on his own labels but he also collaborates with Inner Surface Music, Ophism, Mord, Black Sun, Arboretum, Haunter records, to mention just a few. D. Carbone is also available to play as part of:

-Ascion & D. Carbone Live -D. Carbone B2B Gaja Dj Set -D.A.S.D.A. Live