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Ascion is the main sonic output of the multimedia artist Pasquale Ascione. His music embodies and merges eclectic elements of electronic music – fast paced rhythms which almost reach a hardcore intensity, free-floating melodies reminiscent of early IDM pioneers and the vitality and groove of acid techno, when all added together create a unique and distinctive sound.
One of the creators and the designer of Repitch Recordings, 3TH Records and Cosmo Rhythmatic. His music has been released on labels such as Black Sun Records, Modularz, Deep Sound Channel, Inner Surface Music, Violet Poison and more. He also operates under the aliases: CSA, D.A.S. D.A. in collaboration with AnD, D. Carbone and Shapednoise, 3TH and Repitch with D. Carbone, ASMA with Max_m. According to Secret Thirteen he is a”Voyager of the rave’s golden age continuum.” Class 88′ from Napoli (Italy) now he is based in Berlin (Germany).
Performances available:Ascion (DJSET) Ascion live (LIVESET) Ascion Experimental djset / livesetAscion & D. Carbone (DJSET) Ascion & D. Carbone live (LIVESET)

Ascion b2b Gaja (DJSET)

Ascion b2b Lucindo (DJSET)

D.A.S. D.A live (LIVESET) *(AnD, Ascion, D. Carbone, Shapednoise)

CSA (DJSET) CSA live (Live) *Experimental set